Do you have any packages for your photography?

Answer: We can design packages to your requirements. You are free to choose whichever image you like in whatever size portrait will suit your home.

What if we do not like any of the images?

Answer: We have a satisfaction guarantee; if you are not totally happy with the images there is no obligation to invest at the ordering session. However once you have experienced our exceptional work you will be a customer for life. Our referral rate is amazing and we recommend that you update your portraits every 2-4 years.

Do you come to our home to photograph?

Answer: No we don’t, we have the studio set up with the best in soft and natural lighting equipment. Our locations are especially selected to add depth to your images.

What are your payment terms?

Answer: We take a booking fee of $55 to secure your session time. You can do this by direct deposit or by cheque, Visa, MasterCard or eftpos.

What to wear?

Answer: We often get asked what to wear on the day of the photographic session. We always suggest that you put thought into what your family will wear so that you may enjoy your investment for many years to come. For family portraits it always looks best if everyone is coordinated in some way for e.g. all in neutral tones or denim and white. Try to avoid anyone wearing patterns or logos, stripes and bright colours as these tend to attract more attention than the faces in the photos and will date more quickly.

How long will our portrait session last?

Answer: Your session will last between 60-90 minutes and a whole range of photos will be captured.

My children hate being photographed?

Answer: Don’t worry this is our living and with our planning and vast experience we guarantee the great images that you want.

How long will I have to wait to get my portraits after my sitting?

Answer: After viewing and ordering your portraits they will generally be available for collection via appointment approximately 10-15 working days afterwards, subject to workload and conditions. We will contact you when your order is ready for collection.

Do you offer Lay-by?

Answer: Yes, for a small fee we offer Layby. So even if you go over budget, you’ll still be able to have everything you love.

What to bring?

Answer: When photographing children it is ideal to make them feel as comfortable in the new environment as possible. We suggest that you bring something that they can identify with such as a favourite toy or blanket. These can look great in photos and marks what is most important to your child at that moment in time. Also note that children perform at their best when they are not tired and hungry so if possible try and schedule your session when your child is at their best during the day.

Do you do weddings?

Answer: Yes, upon request. Although our speciality is family portraiture, to start with we photograph a couple, followed by their pregnancy, and then children, grandparent’s, etc…


Answer: It is YOUR LIFE INVESTMENT and Life is only as good as the memories we make and we aim to capture your family memories so that you can treasure them always. We only use the highest quality photographic paper and pay individual attention to each image before printing so that it can be the best it can be!

Do you do large groups, 10-20 people?

Answer: Yes. Although our Studio is only wide enough for 4-6 adults so we recommend larger groups to be photographed at our one of beautiful local locations. We encourage you to include all family members, especially grandparents, as they are so special to the family.

When can we view and place an order of our portrait session?

Answer: About a week or so after your photography session we will invite you back to the studio (preferably without the distraction of the kids) for a portrait viewing without charge. Your images will be digitally projected to help you make the best possible selection. Should you be unable to make a final decision at the time, a fee may be charged for any subsequent viewings. We recommend that you have an idea of sizes and measured up wall spaces so that your size choices are easier.

What are digital enhancements?

Answer: Like a trip to the cosmetic surgeon it can change any part of the image that you do not like, except it is painless!

Do you do framing?

Answer: Yes we provide a full framing service which includes helping you to choose the best colour matts and frames to bring your photos to life and turn them into wall art! Framing is, we believe a very important part of your family wall portrait. A well framed Portrait will become a quality piece of furniture in your room if designed well.